About Us

Natural Hardwood flooring has grown to become the number one sought after flooring for all types of properties, due to its timeless and elegant look. Beautiful hardwood flooring adds warmth and style to any home or business, and as an added benefit, increases the property’s desirability and worth.

Vu Uy’s luxury flooring is crafted using only the finest domestic and exotic hardwoods available. We offer a variety of different species and levels of grade to meet each and every one of our clients’ needs. Vu Uy manufactures 100% natural hardwood that is available in both solid hardwood flooring and engineered hardwood flooring. In addition, we offer a large selection of parquet hardwood flooring designs.


Why choosing us?

Located in the heart of the biggest industrial zone in the city of Vietnam, Bình Dương city, Vu Uy provides the finest hardwoods available to suppliers of commercial and residential properties alike. Operating since 2007, we have established a thriving brand that is built upon the pillars of high-end quality and consistency within that quality. Vu Uy combines consistent quality, superb craftsmanship and luxurious, modern design to offer hardwood flooring that is simply unmatched.

Our clients’ properties deserve nothing short of the best, and Vu Uy’s manufacturing team, consisting of over 200 hardworking employees, executes that each and every time. At Vu Uy, we believe that exceptional hardwood flooring starts with durability. For this reason, all of Vu Uy hardwood is cut from only the finest and most durable woods from around the globe. This dedication to perfection from the start is what leads to the always-consistent end results of beautiful and elegant hardwood flooring. This, combined with our handmade craftsmanship and superior client service standards, make us the number one desired hardwood-flooring partner within the United States, Japan, and Vietnam.

Core Values Statements

Our team consists of highly qualified sales professionals within the hardwood flooring business, and our years of experience make us the number one partner within the industry. All of the woods that we carry are 100% natural and cut of the highest standards.

Our core values include: integrity, passion, accountability and full commitment to each and every one of our customers. Together as a team, we work to make a difference in the hardwood flooring industry. We take out any complication and instead replace that with ease and peace of mind. It is you, our valued customer, which keeps us striving towards excellence.

We believe that both the exceptional service and high quality products that we provide to our clients are a direct reflection of who we are as people. We aim each and every day to better ourselves and better our business.

Here at Vu Uy, we have created a dedication to luxuriant consistency.