Vu Uy's Lumber Storage

Engineered Hardwood Floor

This technology allows for dimensional stability, which in return makes engineered hardwood flooring less likely to be affected by humidity changes and have less movement than real wood flooring. Our engineered hardwood floors allow you to have a wood floor on any level of grade: A, B, C, or D; Select, Natural, or Rustic.

Other benefits of engineered hardwood flooring include:

  • Produced with two to five layers of hardwood/plywood glued and laminated together
  • Less likely to be affected by changes in humidity
  • Structurally stabilized
  • Minimal movement
  • Capable of 2-3 refinishes
  • Easy and quick installation
  • Environmentally-friendly (use less exotic tree)

Vu Uy Engineered Hardwood Floors are produced with three layers of hardwood that are constructed by cross-layers (as shown in the pictures below).


  • The top layer of our 3-Layer Engineered Hardwood Floors is determined upon customer request for any type of our natural woods and will range from 2-7mm in thickness.
  • The middle layer consists of either high-end Hinoki or Acacia wood.
  •  The bottom layer of our 3-Layer Engineered Hardwood Floors uses high-end Hinoki wood.


  • The top layer is made of natural wood, chosen upon the client’s request, measuring in thickness from 3 to 7mm.
  • The bottom layer uses world famous Russian Baltic Birch plywood. Baltic Birch plywood is the highest quality of plywood available.